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Trip along some small and big islands around the Visayan sea

At the end of February 2005 we entered the Philippines in the south east,  just north of Mindanao Island. We make a trip along a lot of the smaller and bigger islands around the Visayan Sea, in the middle of the Philippines.

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Approach of the Philippines: the first sunrays over Siargao island

Eddies and wirls in the water because of the difference in tide at Raza island

Stiltvillage on the shore of Liloan

A wooden walking bridge connects the two villages on Ninoc and Hanigad island

Many big fishtraps in the strong current under the bridge

Halfway the bridge is a small watchhouse where fishermen can hide for the sun

In a sarisari shop we buy small eggplants, tomatoes and mandarins

As everywhere children are playing in the village

Joined forces to build a new canoe

In Cebu the Fort San Pedro is one of the historic sites of the Spanish era

Ceilingpainting where Magelaen in 1521 plants a wooden cross as a sign that king Philip II of Spain is also king over the 'Philippines'

'Alexandra' in the Cebu Yachtclub

In Carmen the market is the place to buy fresh vegies

The small shipyard in Danau/Carmen is a bit disappointing

Local fishermen set out their nets for a good catch

Girls on the beach of Malapascua village

Many colourfull banca's

A fishing boat is coming back with fresh fish

On Biliram island we make a tour to the rice terraces

Beautiful terraces and every day rain give the people three crops a year

In the afternoon the karabao is lead to the water for a cool down

In Donsol (SE Luzon) there is a lot of fish on the market

Fishermen repair their nets in the shadow

Steet life in Donsol

At Destacado island everybody wants to see the 'Alexandra'

We meet a nice family

On each leave of the cactus a member of the family has written his/her name

Marble workshop near Romblon Town

The sculptors cut and grind their works from a photograph in a book or just 'by head'

Final touch of the artefacts is the polishing with water and very fine sandpaper

In Romblon Town we find fresh fruit and vegetables

Tricycles are the means of transport for short distances in and around town

One of the many shops where they sell marble artefacts

On the big square in Looc City on Tablas you can always find a tricycle

Nice family runs a vegetable shop

You'll find the butchery in a spearate corner of the market of Looc

Sablayan is a small town on the western coast of Mindoro Island

All families park their banca in front of their house

So the river up to the centre is on both sides full with bancas

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