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Palau impression


Palau in photographs by Bas de Roij

Beyond 'German Channel' is the MEKKA for scuba divers. We meet five enthousiastic underwater sporters from Holland on board the charteryacht 'Eclipse'. These are Anjola and Edwin, Yolanda, Bas and Monique.
They invite us to dive with them on the most famous dive sites
'Blue Corner' and the 'Blue Holes'.  We have a wonderful day together both in scuba diving as enjoying each others company.

The 'Dutchies' come to visit us on their last day of stay in Palau on the 'Alexandra' for a sail and we say goodbye to each other after a delicious meal in Kramers Restaurant.

Photo gallery is under construction (not yet finished), we hope to get some underwater photos from Bas' extended and beautiful collection!

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