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Puerto Galera & Subic Bay


Philippines: Puerto Galera and Subic Bay
(november/december 2005)

Back from The Netherlands we arrive in Puerto Galera on October 20th and we find a well maintained 'Alexandra'. Several jobs are on the list now, but we also have good times with the Koornstra family and the friends in the Yacht Club. We are enthousiastic spectators of the 'All Souls Regatta' and the Puerto Galera Jazz Festival. Boquete Bay is a perfect anchorage with always some breeze in a temperature of over 30 degrees Celsius.

Subic Bay is situated north-west of Manila and 'Alexandra' has been put in a cradle on the yard for a week for new anti-fouling. In Manila we meet an ex-colleague of Hans. Back in Subic we make two wreckdives with scuba tanks, go with a  jeepney to the market in Olongapo and sail to Grande Island to make an extended snorkel. In the evening we find and try out two new local restaurants.

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On de 'muelle', the pier of Puerto Galera, tricycles are coming and going

The 'muelle' is point of departure for many boats to the surrounding islands and remote beaches

Galleons from Spain were safely anchored in Puerto Galera Bay from 1550 on

Puerto Galera Yacht Club has 12 sailing dinghies in wich youngsters learn the principles of sailing

Every saturday and sunday the fleet is sailing out and crews are taking turns

Along buoys in Boquete Bay there is a race-parcours

Marianne, Donnell and Rheoxette had an extended swim from 'Ichiban' to 'Alexandra'

Kees made a nice looking sailing boat 'Belisimo', unfortunatedly mast and sails are missing here

'Belisimo' next to 'Ichiban', the yacht Kees sailed from Florida to the Philippines

Marianne is fast and handy with the seakayak

Kees made a small 'banca' for Donnell and Rheoxette

and a beautiful, although less stable, rowingboat for himself and Rowena

The girls with 'Belisimo' in the garden of the house

Rowena and Kees in front of their house in Balatero

The house is designed by Kees and he also did most of the building and carpenter's work

At the back is an open kitchen and living for when the family has dinner outside

Every now and then Kees practices with his sailmaker's sewing machine

Half November we have on Talipanan Beach a fare-well party (also Mariet's birthday)

In the travelift 'Alexandra' is hauled out and brought to a cradle on the yard

Filipino workers scrape the hull and put on two new layers of anit-fouling

Within a week 'Alexandra' is back into the water

In the weekend there is a lot of activity in de marina of the Subic Bay Yacht Club

Breakfast in the cockpit with Charles as our guest

What are the plans for today?

Sonny, an American Filipino, we get to know at scuba diving

Two lionfishes

just snorkeling

Good sailing and surfing in Subic Bay

Charles takes over the helm for today

'Alexandra' for anchor

Also in Olongapo the 'jeepneys' are the most frequent transport

Interested in some melons?

The market is the place where you meet people

Christmas lights in Olongapo, along the road and around the gate to the Freeport Zone

Fishbasket with mussels, crab, prawns, local fish, dipsauce and a tray of garlic rice

Last diner before Charles' departure



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