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Filippijnen: Mindoro en Luzon


Westcoast of Mindoro and a landtrip by car through Northern Luzon
(May/June 2005)

Via the southern tip of Mindoro the heading is for Pandan island and Apo Reef for the truly wonderful underwater life and scenery. Starting in Subic Bay we make a trip by car to the impressive rice terraces around Benaue on Northern Luzon. We swim with the orcas in Subic Bay and at the north coast of Mindoro we are the guests of the Puerto Galera Yacht Club.

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Pandan Island - Green seaturtle

Pandan Island - Lion fish in coral on southwest wall

Pandan Island - Lion fish near beach

Apo Island - Puffer fish

Apo Island - Murene eal

Apo Island - Bucket sponge

Apo Island - Beautiful peace of soft coral

Apo Island - Coral head with fish around

Apo Island - Spotted sweetlip fish

Apo Island

Apo Island

Apo Island

On our way from Baguio to Sagada

We reach the highest point

On our way from Baguio to Sagada

On our way from Sagada to Benaue

Terraces with vegetables and rice

On our way from Sagada to Benaue

Riceterraces in the early morning

Benaue riceterraces

When the halms turn yellow it is time for the harvest

Elderlies in traditional costumes of the 'Mountain Province'

Hiking through the rice terraces

Hanging bridge to Benaue (backside of our hotel)


Rice is drying along the road

Sometimes still in the halms

After drying the rice will be packed in sacks

Kiangan rice terraces

When harvest is done it is time to plant new rice

Subic Bay - bats in twilight

Subic Bay - little monkeys in the woods

Subic Bay - Market in Oliango

Swimming with the orca's (small whales)

Subic Bay - Ocean Adventure

Who is splashing who here?

Trainers of the orca's and dolphins

Subic Bay - Ocean Adventure

Show with two orca's en two dolphins

Puerta Galera Yacht Club

Puerto Galera - Mainstreet with tricycles

Puerto Galera Muelle - Pier from where most banca's leave


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