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Photo-gallery Papua New Guinea: Louisades and Oro Province

15 August 2004 we arrive in the 'Louisiades', an archipelago southeast of the mainland of PNG. A beautiful area for sailing and we meet a lot of friendly people with whom it is nice to trade rice, fish, pencils and exercise books for bananas, beans, sweet potatoes and coconuts. After six weeks we leave the 'Louisiades' and stay a week in Sewa Bay on one of the 'D'Entrecasteaux' islands. Then Cape Nelson is coming into our sight with pleasant meetings in Barabara Village and Tufi Station and we get to know a bit of the culture of Oro Province.
New Britain is our next sailing destination and in Kimbe Bay we find a lot of beautiful diving spots.

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Louisiades - Old man with manual drill makes holes in 'shellmoney'

Louisiades - Village on Gigila Island

Louisiades - Pikinini

Renard Island - Joel climbs in palmtree to cut some fresh coconuts

Renard Island - Climbing to the top of the tree

Renard Island - After cutting Joel's daughter is collecting the coconuts

Renard Island - Woman is weaving baskets from natural and coloured strips of pandanusleave

Renard Island - Houses in local village

Renard Island - Sailing canoes on the beach

Bwagouia cultural day - A pig has been slaughtered and is put on the fire for 10 min. to burn off the hairs

Bwagouia cultural day - The pig comes from the fire for further processing and cooking

Bwagouia cultural day - Isn't this a perfect place to see it all!

Bwagouia harbour - Sailing canoe in action

The women sold their vegetables on the market and return to their village

Have a safe trip and till next week! Tuckboat of the Misima mines company

Bwagouia - Traditional cooking

Bwagouia - Baking of sago 'pancakes'

Bwagouia - Crumbling the sago 'pancakes'

Panapompom - Foodgarden with fence

Panapompom - In the village

Panapompom - Visitors are on their way

Panapompom - Sailing canoe

When tacking the boom of the mainsail is inverted from bow to stern

The boom is attached again, the helmsman uses his paddle to steer the canoe from the opposite side

Panapompom - On board a sailing canoe

We race through the bay and get soaked wet by the splashing water

Good view on your yacht from the sailing canoe

D'Entrecasteaux Sewa Bay - Women show their woven baskets and mats

D'Entrecasteaux Sewa Bay - Playing soccer on the field of the catholic mission

D'Entrecasteaux Sewa Bay - Motorboat for freight and passengers is passing by

Barabara Village - Detail of canoe with lashings of 'bushrope'

Barabara Village - Hans meets Utikas

Barabara Village - Visitors leave to the shore

Barabara Village - Preparations for the traditional meal

Barabara Village - Pans and dishes are on the woodfires, a woman is grading coconuts

Barabara Village - Having dinner together

Kofure - canoes with traditional dressed peddlers are waiting to bring us to the shore

'Oro oro', welcome in Kofure Village

Kofure traditional show - Beautiful costumes and tamtams

Kofure - Young woman with facial tatoo's and traditional outfit

Kofure - Headdresses with beautiful coloured feathers

Elders show how to make rope from the root of the panadanus tree

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