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Photo gallery of Papua New Guinea: New Britain and New Ireland

21 Oktober 2004 we depart from the 'mainland' of PNG en route to New Britain. The west-passage trough Dampier Strait leads us to Dorf Point and the Vitu islands. Kimbe Bay is a well protected harbour with lots of small reefs and quiet, uninhabited islands. We visit several beautiful diving spots. Of course we have dinner at Walindi dive resort, and visit the local shops and produce-market in Kimbe City.

We celebrate MariŽt 50th anniversary in a lagoon behind Wulai island. Mid November we continue our trip for  Kavieng on the most northern tip of New Ireland, an area with numerous large and small islands. Kavieng has several well stocked supermarkets and a large fruit and vegetable-market. We make a little detour around the island of New Hanover with several well protected anchorages and friendly people. In Three Islands Harbour we dive on the wreck of a bombed cargo-vessel with alongside a sunken Japanese submarine. Kavieng is our last port of call before the trip to Palau in Micronesia. We encounter the famous doldrums with very light winds, so we have to use the engine for several days. December 22 we finally arrive in Koror after a crossing of 13 days.

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Cape Nelson to New Britain - using the reacher

Star Reef Passage - small shark takes our bait

At dusk a bird tries to rest on our life-line

Very enthousiastic villagers at Dorf Point

The whole village comes alongside

13 girls have taken a large canoe to deliver us tropical fruits

Also a lot of visitors on the Vitu islands

This young fisherman has done very well today!

Umbrella in the sun, umbrella in the rain

Local colorfull woodcarving

Garove Bay is the flooded crater of an extinct vulcano

David invites us for diner on board of 'Leonore'

Visit to Garua cocospalm plantation

Cocospalms are neatly planted in endless rows

Workers at the copra-dryer

At groundlevel the empty shells of the coconuts are used as firewood for the oven

Woman-workers cut and beat the copra (dried coconut) from the shells

On top of the oven the fresh cocosnuts are spread out for drying

Monday and friday afternoon: local marketday on the grounds of Walindi diveresort

Woman of the local village come to trade fruit and veges from their gardens

A large assortment, neatly stacked and divided on display

Kavieng is the main port on New Ireland for traders and fishingvessels

On the main wharf our fueltanks are topped-up from a 200 liter drum, many hands make light work!

A cargo vessel loads bags with copra, brought in by truck from the surrounding villages

Early in the morning the villagers from the surrounding islands arrive at the Kavieng market with their produce

The market is a social happening where people meet and local gossip is exchanged

Apart from the normal produce a large supply of tobacco leaves and a very , very large supply of betelnuts is available

We visit the small settlement at one of the islands in Three Island Harbour

The small kids enjoy our company and want to show us their whole island and so we meet the different families

In return we hand-out byro's and popcorn and have a long farewell

We pay a visit to the missionschool of the Seven Day Adventists Church in Metanus Bay, south New Hanover

The teacher is very happy with the supply of books and pencils

The pastor is also the main contractor for building the new school- annex church

A small, family owned copra dryer on Little Mussau island (St. Matthias)

The openair church is in use during the summercamp meetings

Our fruitsupply on leaving St. Matthias islands

December 10, 2004 we cross of the equator and are back in the Northern hemisphere

Our Tsunamis chart show our position, en route from PNG to Palau on the equator

We enjoy the magnific colors of the sunset

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