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Philippines: Busuanga - Bohol


Cruising the North Sulu Sea and Mindanao Sea, we stop at
the islands of Busuanga, Culion, Cuyo, Negros and Bohol
(January/April 2006)

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On the north shore of Busuanga we are most welcomed

in de cruisingclub to be of the El Rio y Mar resort

'Alexandra' is anchored in the quiet waters of Marikaban Bay

The restaurant has a lot of atmosphere

as well as the friendly and charming staff

and the excellent chef in his kitchen

Coron is the main town on Busuanga island

with a market and a few pleasant small restaurants

in one of which we meet some friends of other yachts

By banca we make a daytour through the beautiful island area

together with a fine Swedish/Filipino family

The cathedral of Culion town is from the Spanish time

The Cuyo islands are in the north Sulu sea, goods and persons come and go by boat

At the entrance of the pier stands the gate where the harbor autorities have their dominion

Early every morning fishingboats are sailing out

Part of the city wall from Spanish times

A reminder for everyone

Children just walk into the (shallow) sea.

On the SW coast of Negros we see in the morning the fisherfleet come back under sail.

The banca's have a main sail and even a small jib!

And this fishing banca has a platform to spot the fish

The weekly market

and cattle market in Zamboanguita

on the island of Negros (near Dumaguete)

The jetty of the Nuts Huts resort in Loboc rivier on Bohol island

A beautiful tropical garden on the waterside

Nippa bungalows with a view on the garden and the river

150 steps up to reach the good and cosy restaurant of the resort

Exercise is rewarded with a stunning view through the palms on Loboc river

The 'chocolat hills' are a special feature on Bohol

The 'tarsier' is the worlds smallest mammal

They are living in de Philippines and in Indonesia

In front of the waterfall in Loboc rvier April 2006


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