Philippines - Cuyo Islands, Negros

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Philippines - Cuyo islands, SW-Negros, Westcoast Bohol and Cebu



In the last week of February 2006 we cross the Sulu Sea from Busuanga (north of Palawan) to the southwest coast of Negros. We have 25-30 knots of wind and make a stop-over at two of the Cuyo islands and visit Cuyo Town. The fishermen and the people in town are very friendly, we hadn't expect so many people living on the islands and all day ferries and commercial ships are coming and going on the pier of Cuyo.

The westcoast of Negros gives us less wind and we see a lot of small sailing and fishing boats. Coming around the south point of Negros is a rough experience with a choppy sea and a blowing easter on the nose. But it is worth the try, we find a safe anchorage between 20 other yachts in Bonbonon Bay, one of the two bigger meeting places for yachties cruising the Philippines.

Diving on Apo Island and other nearby places is a good experience as is the huge and lively Wednesday (lifestock) market at Zamboanguita: a real happening. Dumaguete is a pleasant town for a bit of sightseeing and shopping.
In Bonbonon Bay we meet the long and short stay yachties and the four small restaurants/resorts on the shores of the bay are good places to spend at least a part of the day.

Sailing out of the winds of the south cape of Negros is quite a job and there is a strong current coming from the Mindanao Sea. After a two day stop on Siquijor island we reach calm waters in the lee of Bohol: all diving area here with some of the best around Cabilao Island! At the beginning of April we are in the small marina of the Cebu Yacht Club on Mactan Island.

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