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IJmuiden - Lisbon - Pacific - New Zealand - Australia
July 1998 / November 2000, ca. 25000 Nm
Australia - New Caledonia - Vanuatu - Fiji - New Zealand
May / November, 3800 Nm
New Zealand - Vanuatu - Huon Reef - Australia
February / November,  6500 Nm
Australia - Papua New Guinea - Palau
May  / December, 4600 Nm
Palau - Philippines - Irian Jaya - Australia
February 2005 / June 2006,  5500 Nm
Australia: Darwin to Hobart
December 2006 / March 2008, 4500 Nm
Australia - New Zealand
Apil 2008 - May 2009, 1500 Nm
New Zealand -Thailand
June - December 2009, 7500 Nm

July 11, 1998 we leave from the Netherlands participating in the Rally IJmuiden-Lisbon. September 1998: from Lagos (Portugal) the Dutch Rally Around the World 1998-2001 starts with 8 participating yachts.
May 2000: we have reached the Great Barrier Reef of Australia and decide to say goodbye to our Round The World-friends. We love the Pacific so much and do not want to leave already!
Via New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji we sail back to New Zealand to circumnavigate both the Northern and the Southern Island. June 2003 we return, for a second and more extensive visit, to Vanuatu and reach after a stop-over on Huon Island, in November 2003 the eastcoast of Australia (Scarborough near Brisbane). May 2004 we depart from Moreton Bay via Mackay, the Lihou Reef we reach Townsville, where we leave Australia for Papua New Guinea. Via the tiny republic of Palau in Micronesia, we reach the Philippines in February 2005. After more than a year we leave the Philippines for Helen Reef and West Papua (Irian Jaya). June 2006 we reach Darwin in Australia. In 2007 we continue via the north and east-coast of the Australian continent until we reach Hobart on Tasmania. In April 2008 the crossing of the Tasman sea is undertaken. Our winter stopover for refit and maintenance is in Nelson on the top of the south island of New Zealand


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