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Christmas and New Year in Hong Kong

On Boxing Day 2005 we catch a flight to Hong Kong for a week of exploring this metropole. A complete new experience: Chinese culture, Chinese food (dimsums with chopsticks), and Chinese lettering!
A lot of tourists in Hong Kong are Chinese from the 'mainland'. On New Years Eve we gather at midnight in front of the luxury Peninsula hotel to welcome 2006 with a loud bang on a Chinese brass gong. 

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The view of the in-flight video screen during touch-down at the runway of Hong Kong Airport.

All sign are in Chinese as well as in English (lucky for us!).

The passage to the hotelbus lounge is decorated with Chrismas flowers.

Aberdeen on the SW end of HK island is the old harbour of Hong Kong where we board a small sampan ferrie.

We pass by world's largest floating restaurant 'JUMBO'.

Further upstream 'the floating city': a village of 'live aboards' in contrast to the high rises on both shores.

Splendid view from 'the Peak' on Hong Kong island north coast and the harbour.

Unfortunalely the view is a little obscured by the smog that covers most of the centre.

The high-rises in the Business District are the main offices of internationals and banks, e.g. Bank of China and HSBC.

Hong Kong island and the mainland are connected by several underground (MRT) and traffic tunnels. But a lot pedestrians (and tourists) use the STAR ferry service.

On three different routes about 12-20 ferries shutlle from and to Hong Kong island. Some of the ferries are already over 50 year in service! The first class cabin with aircon is on the upperdeck, second class cabin on the lower deck.

View of the impressing skyline of Hong Kong island.

The historical doubledeck electric trams still follow the route as constructed by the English 100 years ago.

We buy stamps for our Christmas-cards at the modern postoffice.

An artistic mural shows the skyline of Hong Kong.

A closer look reveals that this piece of art is completely made of stamps!

In the Convention and Exhibition Centre the handover ceremony of Hong Kong to China took place in June1997.

The golden flower is a Bohemia, unique for this area and the symbol of Hong Kong that you'll also find in their flag.

The extension of the Convention Centre consists of a seven storeys high 'glass curtain' facing the harbour.

Mongkok is (again) a very crowded shopping area with neon sky-signs everywhere..

A hotel tries to attract the attention of new customers

There are also people around in search for other things than material goods.

Most high-rises in the Business district have all year round lighted their building's contours in all varieties.

From the upper deck of the ferrie these are beautiful views.

The Peninsula Hotel is very stylish with a soft-lighted facade and a sky full of stars

A dull entrance to the 'underground' is temporarily changed into 'Mistletoe Boulevard'

In the tunnel hundreds of strings with small lights hang down and on the posts there are bunches of mistletoe.

On 'Christmas square' is a huge and impressive christmas tree completely covered in lights in the evenings.

The lobby of the Cultural Centre is a hussle of coming and going, but you also find interesting works of art.

In the hall there is a exposition of young local artists and a christmas tree of course.

There is a extended programfolder and -info corner next to the cassiers where you can make reservations.

The central floors in the shopping malls have beautiful christmas decorations on show.

Everywhere people make pictures of the decorations with themselves in the foreground

This causes jams and small talking groups 'under the christmastree'.

Building in Hong Kong is not finished yet although land is expensive.

Modern art in the open space between hotels and shopping malls.

In the morning you see people do their daily t'ai chi gym exercises.

On 'the Peak' the most expensive appartments of Hong Kong have been realised.




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