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A tour through de People's Republic of China: the highlights of Beijing,
Xian and Shanghai (August 2006)

On our way to Europe we make a tour through China. The 'Alexandra' was left behind in Darwin (Australia).

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The monument to the People's Heroes

on Tiananman Square (Square of Heavenly Peace)

Count down for the Olympic Games in 2008 has begun

Tiananman Gate with portrait of chairman Mao

leads to the buildings in the Forbidden City

with thousands of Chinese and overseas visitors each day

Red and gold (yellow) are the predominant colours

in many of the imperial rooms

where lions stand guard at the gates

Copper vases are decorated with enamel

A statue of Emperor Yongle of the Ming Dynasty

A turtle is the symbol for longevity

Walking on the Great Wall is a special experience

It was built as a defence work against the Mongols

from 300 BC on and has a length of over 5000 km now

Temple of Heaven where the Emperor prayed for good harvests

One of the buildings on the complex of the Temple of Heaven

Chinese writings with a red 'signature' stamp

The Hutongs are a labyrinth of alleyways in the old Beijing

Many courtyard homes have been destroyed, on other places you see renovations

In a 'riksha' we make a tour through the Hutongs

The terracotta army had been placed around the tomb

to protect the Emperor after his death

There are hundreds of warriors in full armour

A dumpling diner is a real treat

Beautiful dancing in colourful costumes

and a visit of the Emperor and Emperess in the finale

On the squares the local people practise their Tai Qi

Calligraphy with water (better than modern graffiti)

Exercises with music and on the right moment an open fan

Shanghai by night

The stately buildings on the Bund are illuminated

Also from the water the Bund is a beautiful sight

'Chinatown' in Zhujiajaio

an ancient rivertown with unique old houses and bridges

Many Chinese and tourists make a trip by boat

The central hall in the very modern Shanghai Museum

Front of the (circular) Museum

Restaurant with 'good luck' aquarium with goldfishes

Local flower and bird market

The Chinese are fond of singing birds in nice cages

Pick up your own beautiful red lantern


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